Stella & Dot Stylist Opportunity

Stella & Dot Stylist Opportunity

About Stella & Dot
Discover a ground floor opportunity at a company built to revolutionize entrepreneurial opportunities for women - where home parties are hip and stylish with. Where a busy, trying to find a balance woman can find a way to thrive.

Who are Stella & Dot, you ask? We wanted to find that perfect name that evokes our boutique style and our mission to help women. Named after our (Jessica & Blythe) grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors the generation of women that sailed across oceans, went to work, raised children, baked pies and did it all with style and grace. We are a company inspired-by and created-for strong women.

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Phone: 800-920-5893 (US)
866-444-7142 (Canada)

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