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Store B2B

About Us
StoreB2B is a technologically advanced innovation in online store solution technology. Powered by MegaGoods, Inc., leading wholesale electronics dropshipper/supplier, Store B2B is able to provide a truly Unique opportunity to our members.

StoreB2B Provides the most effective and simplest solution, for everyone: from the longest standing professional, to a beginning business owner. Store B2B opens the door to all our members who have always wanted to own, and operate their own internet business. Store B2B makes it possible for you to customize your store in accordance to your personal preferences. In addition, Your Store is automatically fully stocked with hottest selling items which are shipped to you customers directly form our very own warehouse! We bring together the ideal match of wholesale drop shipping and an easy to operate store solution program.

Our Goal is to provide all our members, with the unique opportunity of owning their own fully stocked online store. We pride our selves on providing the highest quality of customer service to all our members with a live, easy to reach, customer service team, as well as highest quality of products supplied directly from our warehouse. We are able to give our members and yours the very best in both these fields. We believe that providing the very best products and services available will allow our members to be truly successful, and our members' success, is in turn our success!

2741 South Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Phone Support:
Toll Free US and Canada: 1-877-803-0757
For International Customers: 1-323-300-6309
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST

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