Surface Specialists Franchise

Surface Specialists Franchise

The History of Surface Specialists Home Based Franchises
Originally, this home based franchise encompassed the repair/pattern matching of plastic laminate countertops, spot repairs of damaged fiberglass and porcelain refinishing. It quickly became apparent, though, that the potential for the expansion of these services was virtually unlimited. Therefore, as new materials and processes have been developed in the home restoration industry over the years, Surface Specialists Systems has tested, evaluated and refined these materials and processes to ensure our franchises are able to service all segments of this industry. We utilize only the highest quality materials and the most streamlined procedures available, which allow our franchises to be far superior to our competitors.

What fees are involved in becoming a Franchisee?
There are two fees associated with becoming a Surface Specialists repair and refinishing franchise. The first of these is a one-time franchise fee which is required by any franchise for sale. Our relatively cheap franchise fee of $21,000 covers the costs associated with providing the following for your bathroom and kitchen franchise:
* 15 days of comprehensive training; including round trip transportation and lodging
* All the tools and equipment necessary to perform the services for all our profit centers
* Product and materials to generate over $10,000 worth of sales
* Our confidential Field Manual, Office Manual, Tubliner Manual and MSDS sheets

Just a portion of the items you receive!
* A printing and marketing package including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, work orders, warranty flyers, promotional brochures and personalized marketing materials
* Administrative, management, marketing and sales training

A portion of this fee also supports the cost to develop and organize the franchise and related systems, our expenses in connection with selecting franchisees, the support provided prior to opening and compliance with various laws.

The other fee is a royalty fee, which is ongoing and paid monthly for revenue that was generated in the prior month. This fee is 5% of your gross receipts and covers the privileges of:
* Continued use of our trademarked name and logo
* Use of our operating system
* 24/7 technical support and business guidance
* Updated training programs
* Continuous research and development of new products and services
* Annual conventions

Convention Training
These necessary, re-occurring costs must be paid with monies generated through royalty fees. Those franchisors that do not charge a royalty fee, tend to have a significant mark up on material prices to generate money for these costs. Either way, this fee is a necessary part of franchising. Without it, there are no privileges in the franchise network and a successful franchise system cannot be built. If you do not see the value in these privileges, a franchise may not be right for you.

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Phone: 866-239-8707
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