Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk
August 01, 2008

If you're going to be a hit on ebay, you'd better get familiar with these terms.

About Me: An eBay page that you create for free to tell your customers about your merchandise and selling terms and conditions

Account Status: A running list of your Seller's Account activity and information, including fees, payments, refunds, fee credits and your current balance

Advanced search: A link to a search form on top of every eBay page. You can search for items by seller, item number, titles and descriptions, and you can search completed listings.

Announcements board: A special online bulletin board where eBay posts timely information and updates; regular eBay users should check this board daily.

Auction-style listing: A listing in which the seller offers one or more items and sets a starting price; buyers visit the listing and bid on the item throughout its duration; when the auction-style listing ends, the high bidder (or bidders) buys the item from the seller for the high bid.

Average Selling Price (ASP): The average price for all items sold during a particular time frame, usually calculated for a specific category or a single seller's sales

Best Offer: Allows sellers to receive price-based offers from buyers that may be accepted at the seller's discretion. The feature is available for listings in the Fixed-Price format, and once the price is accepted by the seller, the listing immediately closes. Each Best Offer is binding, just like a bid, and is good for 48 hours.

Bid: The amount a buyer is willing to spend on an item for sale in an auction-style listing. Commonly referred to as a maximum bid, you enter this in the "Bid Amount" box in the item listing. By doing so, you commit to buy an item if you are the winning bidder.

Bid cancellation: The cancellation of a bid by a buyer or a seller

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