Taylor Research, Inc.

Taylor Research, Inc.
1545 Hotel Circle South, Suite 350
San Diego, California 92108 USA

About Taylor
When you think of San Diego, think of Taylor Research, Inc. San Diego’s most experienced team.

So why do clients come back to Taylor time after time? For results!

Taylor Research is proud to provide the services and facilities that the market opinion research industry has trusted in San Diego for more than 50 years. Our name is synonymous with experience. For your research project, you can expect and will receive the highest quality recruiting offered in San Diego. We listen and find solutions to your special needs. Whether you are recruiting for tightly screened focus group participants, medical professionals or field interviews throughout the county, Taylor Research is here with our professional staff to serve you. Our comfortable facilities are equipped with the latest technology.

You can always count on Taylor Research for integrity, quality work and a warm smile.

Our Services
Why do we work so hard to please you? Simple! When San Diego is your opinion research destination, you’ll choose Taylor again and again.
* Focus groups and clinics
* Recruiting consumers, businesses and medical professionals
* One-on-one interviews
* Field projects (intercept interviews, store audits, in-home studies, mystery shopping, taste tests)
* Usability studies
* Self-administered and computer aided questionnaires
* Mock juries
* Digital audio avd video recording
* Video conferencing & video streaming projects
* FREE limousine servce (more)
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