Team Double Click
Team Double Click

Launched in 2000, Team Double-Click is the country's foremost virtual staffing agency. Maximizing the experience of co-founder, President and CEO Gayle Buske and Vice President and CFO Jim Buske, staffing experts and with over 20 years of business experience, the company offers businesses an economical, but productive alternative to on-site staffing.

Team Double-Click'S pool of cloud-based virtual administrative assistants hail from a wide variety of backgrounds. Through a stringent interview process and continuous training, the company ensures that their cloud-based virtual administrative assistants offer better productivity than that of on-site staff at more affordable rates.

Team Double-Click offers a full array of services including cloud-based virtual administrative, sales and marketing coordination, transcription and real estate transaction coordination. The company’s clients hail from fields such as real estate, human resources, finance and technology. Team Double-Click® is known for its ability to provide qualified professionals. Rather than simply telling its clients where to locate virtual assistants, the company matches the perfect cloud-based virtual administrative assistant to each client. Experts then monitor, nurture and fortify the client-assistant relationship after placement.

The company has an unwavering commitment to its clients’ success. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve their clients’ business processes and profits.

Team Double-Click®
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