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TeleRepsathome is a unique, home based job service, unlike any other home based or telecommuting website on-line today. TeleRepsathome specialize in...but is not limited to jobs in the Teleservices Industry. “I share my knowledge and experience that I have accumulated. I have researched "work -at- home" jobs since 1994. I teach visitors how to find and prepare for a home based job; this web site is over loaded! With information to assist home based job seekers in their search for a job... even if an individual does not become a member I want them to feel that it was worth their time to visit the Job Site". Tara, Founder Of

Eventhough, our database has a large amount of jobs for telecommuters, at telerepsathome we do not emphasize the number of jobs our database has, because quailty is more important than quantity. For Instance, if a job site contains 2,000 jobs but most of the companies are not hiring, this does not help the homebased job seeker.

TeleRepsathome goal is to provide a place where home based job seekers can be confident that they are applying for real jobs with reputable companies. Individuals whom visit will find the job site informative and a refreshing change for home based job seekers . They will also be introduced to companies whom are hiring home based workers now! Home based Job Seekers whom visit this site should only expect to see real jobs- period! Visitors will not find envelope stuffing scams or penny pinching assembly jobs. If you are seeking a Business Opportunity or Paid Survey you will not find it at this site, only real home based jobs are posted daily. Jobs cover the US and Canada (UK and Australia coming soon!)

TeleRepsathome work with many sources that are exclusive to us, which means better chances for you to get the job!

If you are just starting to look for home based work or would just like to find a Flood! of home based jobs in one place. You've come to the right job site.

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