Customer Experience. Efficient Back-Office Solutions.

Driving performance through customer experience and efficient back-office solutions are top priorities for today's leading companies. TeleTech@Home helps businesses deliver the best customer experience and the most efficient back-office solutions available through our proprietary and patent-pending approach to employee engagement and @Home security.

With the advent of on-line self-service, consumers are driven more and more to the web. So, when they need to call someone it's because they need help - an advanced level of help that can only be provided by a well-trained, enthusiastic person. Customer experience is driven not only by having great products, but by ensuring the best people are managing those products and customer interactions.

Our @Home Professionals are Those People.

People may choose to work from home because their 'regular job' is taking care of a family member, finishing a degree, traveling with the military or are retired but want to continue in the business world part-time.

From avoiding a lengthy commute to having flexibility in other areas of their lives -- there are many reasons why people choose to be part of our @Home professional network; and by joining become part of something much bigger.

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