Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology

Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology
7041 Highway 64 Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38133

7020 East Shelby Drive
Memphis, TN 38125

Tennessee Academy offers an up to date curriculum with instructors who are both skilled and knowledgeable in basic and advanced techniques. We provide each student with a strong foundation that will carry them into the challenging yet rewarding field of cosmetology.

Each student has the opportunity not only to view each lesson, but practice each lesson hands on in a comfortable learning environment, where a skilled professional will be with them at all times. Each instructor brings something new and exciting to the curriculum. We have found that using the highly respected Milady Textbook, coupled with the requirements of Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology, that we have been able to greatly assist our students in their journey with us.

Here at TAC we understand that the industry is forever changing, we also understand that there is a diverse clientele market, therefore we incorporate a variety of tools to help compliment the insightful curriculum, and inspire our students to get the most out of their education. We work closely with area salons and product representatives to ensure that our staff and students are kept up to date with the latest trends in colors, perms, cuts, and styling.

During the first 400 hours, which is considered our freshman level, our students are trained in a supervised classroom environment. There they will attend theory classes packed with valuable information.

After their daily theory class, they will then take the knowledge that they discussed in class and apply it toward the practical portion of their training. By using mannequins, students are able to practice and perfect skills on a daily basis. This helps our students gain confidence in their knowledge and skills, which in turn will allow our students to accelerate in the learning process.

Once you have completed the first 400 hours of theory and practical, and after completing a freshman test out, you will advance to the senior level. Once a senior student, your clinic floor experience will begin. Here is where you will be able to take all you've been taught, and apply it to actual clients. We have a large client base and are very fortunate to be adding to it every day. Our students are able to apply their skills and knowledge by performing services on actual clients, under direct supervision of a licensed instructor. This gives each student the chance to practice their skills in hairstyling, haircutting, permanent waiving, hair coloring, hair highlighting, hair relaxing, manicuring, pedicuring, skincare, hair removal, and make-up. Along with constant demonstrations from skilled instructors, and local area artists, our students will continue to grow into their knowledge and techniques.

Keep in mind that each student will experience learning through lectures, audio, and video presentations. Instructor led demonstrations, hand on practice, and much more.

Just think, in 12 months you could be done with your 1500 hours, and well on your way to the career that you always wanted. At TAC, we understand that your money is important to you, that is why we offer a $1000.00 scholarship to those students who qualify. The $1000.00 will come off the total cost of the course, allowing you a high quality education, at an even more affordable price. We also know that financial responsibilities might cause you to delay your start in your new career, that is why we now offer living expense to those who qualify. If you think this is great, you'll be excited to know that we also offer reimbursement for a portion of your state-testing.

The industry is growing each day, and there are so many salons looking for a qualified stylist. We can't wait for you to become a part of what we are all about, top-notch education intertwined with a fun and exciting learning environment. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? CALL US NOW SO WE CAN GET YOU STARTED ON YOUR JOURNEY IN THE FAST-PACED, TOP DOLLAR BEAUTY INDUSTRY!!!


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