About TestSpin
TestSpin is an online market research company offering easy-to-use, affordable research solutions through the Internet. Our innovative technology enables businesses to create and field surveys and focus groups from any computer, making it simple to test web sites, products, services, ideas, and more.

TestSpin offers a wide spectrum of products to fit a variety of research needs - from a 10-question automated survey to highly customized enterprise services. TestSpin's vast database enables you to access any number of consumers in almost any demographic - all with just a few mouse clicks.

Our consumer panel includes more than 11,000,000 testers who are paid to review the client's product or service and answer questions regarding their experience with the item. They are available via e-mail with just a few minutes notice.

The research results are automatically generated into reports that can be viewed in real-time on our web site. These reports are displayed with presentation-quality graphics and can be downloaded or imported.

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