The Esani Institute - A Paul Mitchell Partner School

The Esani Institute - A Paul Mitchell Partner School
1003 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, GA 30076
phone: (678) 795-0999
toll free: (866) 79-ESANI
fax: (678) 795-0152

About Us

Your Horizons Are Limitless
For over 20 years, the staffs at our Paul Mitchell Partner Schools have built strong working relationships with salons throughout the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. The Paul Mitchell network in the United States and Canada is over 70,000 salons strong, and we're in 44 countries worldwide. Paul Mitchell-trained hair designers work in virtually every corner of the world, and every professional hairdresser knows the Paul Mitchell name. Prospective employers recognize Paul Mitchell Partner Schools' commitment to quality and reputation for innovation and excellence. The Esani Institute has a special focus on international hair and beauty. Our graduates learn to work with all different hair and skin types and have exposure to international trends and techniques. We also give our future professionals the business essentials they need to be successful.

In case you're wondering, ESANI stands for Empowerment through Science, Art, Nurturing, and Innovation. Everyone at The Esani Institute - A Paul Mitchell Partner School is committed to helping you go wherever your dreams take you.

The Esani Institute - A Paul Mitchell Partner School's basic cosmetology course is designed to inspire the artist within you.Our progressive learning environment and talented Learning Leaders facilitate the experience by providing students with extensive hands-on and classroom training in design, cutting, coloring, multi-cultural techniques, the science of bone structure and facial-shape adaptability. We also mentor future professionals in attitude, retailing, and personal appearance and offer various business development classes.

Please check with the individual Paul Mitchell School that you are interested in attending for specific program offerings.

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