The Evolution of eBay

The Evolution of eBay
By David Port
May 29, 2009

Despite some unpopular changes, entrepreneurs still see it as the king of online sales channels.

As eBay's senior manager of seller advocacy, Jim Griffith gets a daily earful about what's wrong with his company's online marketplace amid the ongoing wave of changes implemented there. But instead of discouraging or tuning out the feedback, Griffith is urging eBay members to keep it coming--as long as it's constructive.

"I don't want them to keep quiet," says Griffith, who joined eBay in 1996, when its users numbered in the thousands, not the millions, and years before it began building a corporate empire that now includes the online payment processing system PayPal, the internet communications company Skype and others. "The vitality of discussion among and between eBay and its members is critical to a vibrant marketplace, and the discussion has never been quiet or whispered."

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