The Pregnancy Bracelet Affiliate Program

The Pregnancy Bracelet Affiliate Program


Dear Friend:
Thank you for your interest in The Pregnancy Bracelet®. The Pregnancy Bracelet represents several years of work by many individuals who have recognized the importance of this invention.

Our first exposure to the problem of pregnant women suffering a needless loss of their unborn child came in 1994. An acquaintance of my wife was pregnant. We had not seen her in several months, almost a year. When we did meet, it was obvious that she was no longer pregnant and we asked, "How was the baby?"

The woman began to tell us of the tragic events that had happened to her. She had been in an automobile accident and sustained serious injuries. She was given drugs to save her that were contra indicated for pregnancy. She subsequently lost her baby. The doctors had not been aware of her condition, and there may have been other treatments available to save her that could have avoided this problem. We have children of our own and were very sad to hear of this.

Later, we were speaking of this to some friends, one of whom was an EMT, who told us that this type of thing happens more often than you'd think. We began to do some research and found that each year some 6.5 million women become pregnant. Of this figure however, there are only about 4 million births each year. Of the women who did not carry their baby full term approximately 1 million had suffered the unexpected loss of their baby.

It was at this time we decided that something could be done to improve this and help reduce the number of women who may suffer this tragedy. We have spent countless hours working on the Pregnancy Bracelet design, working with various manufacturers and suppliers to develop what we believe to be an effective device to help reduce the risk of such a tragedy.

The Pregnancy Bracelet® is a beautiful piece of jewelry that any pregnant woman would be proud to wear and it is sure to become a valued keepsake.

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