The Salon Professional Academy

The Salon Professional Academy Iowa City
1550 South First Avenue
Iowa City, IA 52240
319.248.2958 Admissions
1.888.248.2958 Toll Free

The Salon Professional Academy Ames
309 Kitty Hawk Drive
Ames, IA 50010
515.232.7250 Guest Services
515.956.3781 Admissions/Financial Aid
800.956.3781 Toll-Free Admissions

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, APS is a group of salon and school industry leaders whose purpose is to pass on the knowledge that unites salon and school leaders, with the intent of growing future salon leaders, one student at a time. The dynamics between The Salon Professional Academy and Redken 5th Avenue NYC creates a synergy that will lead us in making cosmetology history. Redken, the industry leader in education, is our liaison to higher education, a high performance product line and is our brand identity. The key to building a successful business person starts with the foundation. We teach students the philosophy of being successful stylists,with systems to assist them in growing their business. Becoming a leader truly means to pass it on.

Jodi Dahl, Shane Bailey Krier, Jill Krahn, Michael Krier, Sonja Plunkett & Marilyn Fulkerson — APS, LLC

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The Salon Professional Academy is a Redken affiliated salon training center. Copyright © 2008.
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