The Wedding School

The Wedding School
The Wedding School is the only learning center in the U.S. dedicated exclusively by wedding planners for those interested in becoming bridal consultants.

The Wedding School teaches you about the world of wedding planners. You'll learn about the romantic, creative topics that make planning so much fun--from designing theme receptions to selecting gowns and flowers. And equally important, you'll learn about the serious side of the business--from understanding contracts to getting your first client.

Learn how to succeed in this exciting, fast-growing career. Select the program that best fits your time frame, intensity and level:

---Home-Study Course----learn at your own pace or in a structured on-line program

---Conference Experience---participate in a 3-day seminar or 1.5-day telecommuting training.

---Certified Wedding Planner Curriculum----excel in the coursework, conference experience, wedding management

We'll guide you through the entire process. Each program offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step, practical instructions to be a wedding planner. The lessons are flexible and fun, while providing valuable teaching tools to learn a new career.

It will be easy for you to walk in the shoes of a bridal consultant because your coursework includes actual wedding materials. You'll receive copies of real checklists, real timelines, real schedule-of-events, real bride requests and real planner answers, real correspondence. You'll learn from these real-life examples how to set up your business, how to service your clients, how to plan weddings. These reference materials will give you a jump-start so you won't have to re-create materials to launch your business. And, by learning through this program, you learn from the best!

Wedding planning is a wonderful and glamorous profession! You can earn a great income. You can work full-time or part-time. You can work from home and set the hours you wish. You can work for someone else or start your own business. And, it's rewarding--you'll plan precious memories for a couple's most important day of their lives!

All of us at The Wedding School are trained teachers who are also wedding planners. We tap our expertise to create this valuable learning experience. You'll be paired with one of our teachers who will be your mentor, guiding you to success.

Call us toll-free to discuss the program choices. Learn long-distance--through the correspondence Home-Study Course--or you can upgrade the intensity of the learning through the Conference Experience. Either way, you'll enjoy a low-cost option to learn about this exciting profession.
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