Thirty-One Gifts - Join Us
Thirty-One Gifts - Join Us

Thirty-One's Mission:
Thirty-One is more than just a company. We are people who believe in encouraging, recognizing and rewarding others for who they are. Through God's strength, we've built a family of individuals who feel women deserve to treat themselves to something special. Our commitment is to provide women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We are a privately owned company who cares about people. Cindy Monroe began Thirty-One in 2002 with women just like you in mind. She believes in empowering women to improve their quality of life through providing opportunities for financial independence, and encouraging relationships with other women. Through her passionate vision for helping others grow and succeed, she has seen countless lives impacted through the mission and success of Thirty-One.

We would love to share more about our story and how you can improve your life with Thirty-One.

Please visit the website for more information.

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