Tomboy Tools Consultant Opportunity

Tomboy Tools Consultant Opportunity

The History of Tomboy Tools
Every great company started with a first step. With Tomboy Tools, it was probably more a stroke of a hammer than a step but it had the same effect.

Founded by three women deeply entrenched in do-it-yourself projects, Tomboy Tools was launched in 2000 as the dream-turned-reality of being able to provide women with hands-on education, high quality tools and a fun way to make a living from home.

Our Mission Statement: To build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity.

Today, while our mission statement rings as true as ever, our slogan is shorter and more concise. Our slogan underscores the power of Tomboy Tools in the marketplace and the value we provide both to female customers seeking hands-on education with high quality tools and Home Consultants looking for a great career.
Learn Today, Teach Tomorrow, Build Forever

The Tomboy Tools' slogan is simple. Learn Today: empower yourself either as a user of the best made, highest-quality tools on the market or as a Tomboy Home Consultant who controls a strong home-based business that provides a flexible career with great money-making potential. Teach Tomorrow: bring together women aspiring to empower themselves with greater knowledge of do-it-yourself projects and the use of different tools to carry out those projects. Build Forever: for every tool party we arrange or every hammer that we sell, we are empowering another generation of women that will build upon the foundations left by their mothers and their grandmothers.

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