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Unlike many affiliate portals, we are dedicated to youÖ not the end user. We make sure you not only get Paid, but also get the best offers on the Net!

In an effort to bridge the gap for online entrepreneurs, we have elected to build an online Affiliate Partner Tracking solution designed to help you make money, track your history and manage your own campaigns. Our middle-wear solution allows our affiliate partners to work their business thus, this dynamic software solution is rightfully called,

We offer Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Click as well CPM Programs. Register today for more details.

When working as a partner of, one can leverage these relationships to increase their site's traffic, enhance their visitors' experiences, and to make more money. Marketing stats can be gotten online at anytime.

We realize the most important issue to YOU is the MONEY YOU MAKE. It's simple. We all know - the HIGHER the CONVERSION - the MORE WE PAY! THE MORE WE PAY, THE MORE YOU MAKE. So, the bottom line is this: We want you to become and stay as our Partner so we will do our utmost to MAXIMIZE YOUR PER REVENUE with the Programs we offer! That way WE BOTH WIN!

The best paying Campaigns today are here at We pay End of Month Net 30 on all campaigns you run through our network.

Login, create a campaign and see the results. We offer online reporting of sales, leads, returns and reasons for returns. Youíll never have to wonder what youíre making or whatís working for you. is your partner for online reporting.

Our Parent Company, PrimeQ Solutions, Inc.
Having survived the "Dot Bomb" season, PrimeQ Solutions has emerged as a leader in the online community. Our key to success is centered around one simple statement: "Streamline, Simplify, Diversify and Intensify." We subscribe to the philosophy of maintaining a low cost of doing business, keeping our processes simple and to the point, offering services that touch every part of the online community, and putting 110% into everything we do.

PrimeQ Solutions, Inc., as a Business Internet Provider (BIP), is thoroughly dedicated to integrating user-friendly systems and services for businesses. Headquartered on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, PrimeQ is one of the top development and design firms in the country. PrimeQ is also the recipient of several awards and accolades for development efforts including the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Golden Web Awards.

PrimeQ Solutions, Inc has been built on the solid foundation of integrating leading-edge technology with elite creative services. We consistently add to our successful reputation with new and existing customers from multiple industries including non-profit corporations, IT, industrial, legal, financial, transportation, e-businesses, public companies, etc.

PrimeQ Solutions, Inc.
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Toll Free: 1-800-280-8801
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