Transcription Work At Home Jobs - Workaholics4Hire

Transcription Work At Home Jobs - Workaholics4Hire

About the Company
The idea for was born in early 1997. The President and founder of the company, Sylvie Fortin, had been successfully working from home for about two years. She noticed that the internet was flooded with telecommuting jobs, but few people had the understanding of how to find them. There were few, if any, resources for people interested in working from home, and none were offered without an up-front fee. Employers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the market, as there were few resources to assist companies in implementing a telecommuting program. So, she started researching the topic.

What she found was an incredible market that had yet to be explored: the Freelance, Outsourcing marketplace was virtually untapped and ripe for a company such as this to be formed. In time, she decided to take the leap and create an online presence. The first pre-launch of the site was in May, 1999. The response was astonishing and created a flurry of activity for the staff of Workaholics4Hire. Within a short period of time, it became clear that a new staffing solution was being formed and the demand for this service has been exciting.

Our staff are located throughout North America, all working from their own home offices. We utilize a unique system of project management that allows us to communicate easily and efficiently. We have discovered that communication is the number one priority when remote staff are deployed. Our staff meetings are held online, at regular intervals, and we hold project-specific staff meetings and discussions throughout a project's duration, to ensure that all objectives are being met with strict controls. All files are backed up online, to ensure that at no point does a freelancer lose touch with the team.

We have many plans for the growth and expansion of this company and we all join together in our desire to create the Staffing Solution for the New Millennium.

Sylvie Fortin
Founder and CEO Inc.

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