Travel Agent Career Training

Travel Agent Career Training

Travel Agent Career Training Programs
Travel agents work with individuals, couples, and larger groups to help plan trips of all lengths, make reservations, and provide recommendations on a wide variety of destinations. Career training has become increasingly important for travel agents, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, as competition is strong in this field. For people who love travel and learning about different locations and cultures, it can be a rewarding career, with potential benefits such as discounts on travel and lodging.

Travel Agent Courses Online
There is a growing number of online courses available for aspiring travel agents. Studying the transportation and hospitality industries is an integral part of their career education; online programs for travel agents take an average of 18-24 months to complete, depending on the program.

Working as a Travel Agent
Travel agents are employed by travel agencies, and those who work independently have generally gained experience in such agencies before starting their own businesses. Travel agents often work under high pressure, as constantly fluctuating prices in the industry and regulations regarding transportation require constant research. Travel agents earned an average of $27,640 in 2004.

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