Travel Writing - Online
Travel Writing - Online

Travel writing lets us traverse the world on sheets of paper, journeying everywhere from the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam to the brilliant-white beaches of Zanzibar. Reading of travel can provide the inspiration and information to set us in motion or it can transport foreign locales right into our living room.

Travel writing requires you to pack along a sense of adventure, a journalist’s eye, and a storyteller’s flair. In our courses, you will learn about the full spectrum of travel writing—articles, guidebooks, travel memoir and essay—as well as such writing craft elements as description, structure, voice, and angles. You will also learn how and where to market your work.

Whether you seek to write articles or books, we’ll show you how to turn the world into words.

Courses offered:
Level I
Travel Writing | 10-week Workshop
Using a balance of lecture, exercise, and feedback on work from the instructor and classmates, this course gives students a firm grounding in all the basics of travel writing. Everything is presented in a clear, accessible manner.

* Write one/two travel pieces or begin a book
* Lectures on basics of travel writing craft
* Writing exercises
* Present work for critique

Travel I is for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals.

Online Classes
Tuition: $395, Returning Students $365 . Registration Fee $25.
Each class strictly limited to 16 students, ages 18 and up.
Starts Meeting Day Location Time
Feb 24 Tuesdays Online 24 hrs. a day
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