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Students may seek either an academic major or minor in accounting.
Major in Accounting
The accounting major combines theory and practice to prepare students for analysis of and reporting on the economic activities of organizations and communication of that information to decision makers. Students develop skills in managerial accounting, budgeting, accounting systems, internal controls, financial analysis, financial reporting, internal and external auditing, taxation and international accounting. The major prepares students for a range of accounting careers in profit, not-for-profit and government organizations.

The student who graduates with a major in accounting will be able to
* Employ critical-thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve complex business and accounting issues.
* Use clear and concise communication to convey relevant financial and nonfinancial information.
* Utilize technology and analytical and research tools to facilitate and enhance accounting and financial reporting processes.
* Identify the appropriate managerial and business issues critical to analyzing accounting data and other information used for describing and assessing opportunities and risks.
* Apply relevant accounting principles and standards to specific business activities.
* Employ national, international, and historical perspectives to analyze accounting and business issues.
* Identify ethical and regulatory issues associated with accounting and business situations.

Degree Requirements
A degree with a major in accounting requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 54 credits for the major and mandatory minor in business administration, 41 credits in general education requirements, and 25 credits in electives and other requirements. At least 18 credits in the major and 9 credits in the minor must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above).

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