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VOICE of the Region
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Why Join the VOR Panel?

The Campos Inc Voice of the Region panel consists of more than 20,000 consumers and professionals from Southwestern Pennsylvania. This self-elected community has agreed to share opinions and insights on innovative product and service offerings by local, national, and international corporations, businesses, and organizations.

Additionally, VOR panelists have the opportunity to participate in quarterly surveys dealing with subjects that are important to the future of our region—like the arts, economic development, health, education, etc. As a panelist, you will receive the results of the study before anyone else.

Being a panelist is simple and unobtrusive. Periodically you will receive an invitation to participate in a brief online survey. In most cases, the questionnaires take 5 to 12 minutes to complete. If you do not have time to complete the survey, then please just ignore our request and we will contact you in the future to see if you are available for a different survey.

* Qualified panelists will receive invitations to participate in quarterly surveys and an email link to study results.
* Panelists may be invited to participate in a Campos Inc focus group discussion. Focus group participants are usually eligible for cash compensation.
* There is no cost involved in joining the Voice of the Region panel.
* In addition, each time you refer friends and family members who qualify for our Panel, your name will be submitted for a monthly cash drawing.

We hope you’ll join because your opinion counts!

Please visit the website for more information.

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