Velvatex College of Beauty Culture, Inc.
Velvatex College of Beauty Culture, Inc.
1520 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
Tel: 501-372-9678

Dear Students:
You may learn and earn steadily while single, married, or after marriage or maybe as a part-time occupation. Age, education, creed or lack of experience is no impediment. Beauty culture affords you the opportunities to travel and meet people.

The demand exceeds the supply, with sound reasoning, you can best judge for yourself those women and men who are becoming more and more beauty-conscious each day, whereby, trained cosmetologists are in great demand. There are no “short cuts” to success, but there is a short cut to useless job hunting. Learning beauty culture, which is never affected by the world’s condition, will enable you to secure a position that can offer “steady” work with the highest paying salary, plus unlimited opportunities.

Thank you for allowing Velvatex College of Beauty Culture, Inc. to assist you in your plan for a course toward personal success.

Barbara Douglas,

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