Video game designer isn't all play

Video game designer isn't all play
By Cindy Atoji Keene
Globe Correspondent / October 11, 2009
The Boston Globe

It’s a typical corporate meeting in a quiet Westwood office building, with a team of workers intently discussing a recent project glitch: how to tweak a virtual character who just won’t behave properly; how a new monster should look; how to incorporate recent feedback from player testing.

Such is the day in the life of a video game designer: In other words, it’s not all fun and games, but a lot of planning, tinkering with technology, and debugging.

“It’s the one downside to my job,’’ said Fernando Paiz, executive producer of Dungeons and Dragons Online, a game produced by Turbine. “I see all the messiness that goes into creating these games, instead of being able to just enjoy them,’’ Paiz said.

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