Volusion - Shopping Cart Software
Volusion - Shopping Cart Software

At a Glance
Ecommerce is Volusionís core business. We listen to our clients and with a dedicated team, we turn their requests and our own relentless innovations into the industryís leading all in one ecommerce solution.
Volusion Then and Now

Kevin Sproles started coding and designing websites because it was his passion, and that passion quickly grew into a service. Out of the hundred clients he soon acquired, most started to request the same feature- a shopping cart. Shopping cart software was in its beginning stages and always up for a challenge, Kevin took on the endeavor. With very little money and a great deal of perseverance, he started coding shopping cart software and has yet to stop! This motivation has led to several awards, including BusinessWeekís ìBest 25 Entrepreneurs under 25.î

Soon after Volusion's creation in 1999, an important member joined the team. After choosing to leave a successful career at Dell, where he co-managed the Large Opportunity Group in the Business Sales Division, Clay Olivier and his wife journeyed around the world. The goal of his travels was to find something new to be passionate about, something he would enjoy doing for a living. Clay returned to his Texas roots with a vision to launch an environmentally sensitive online store. Impressed with its software and features, he chose Volusion to build his business. The owner and the new customer began to talk on a regular basis- Clay offering his marketing expertise, Kevin with tips on Volusionís software. They met in person and the rest is history. Or better yet, itís the present and the future.

Moving Forward
Volusion started out working by request in order to build software to fit clientís needs and Volusion still builds its software this way. When Volusion first started, Kevin often stayed up all night implementing a new feature. He notes that his favorite thing to tell clients was, ìRemember that feature you asked about yesterday? Here you go.î Volusion developers continually implement new features and functionality to benefit those who know it best- their clients.
Moving Forward

Volusionís online sellers have provided amazing feedback over the years, helping to keep the momentum going to continually develop and progress a product to best meet their needs. The online environment is continually changing, and this change is met by Volusion with adaptation and the steady addition of new features. Volusion continues to grow and to help its clients grow. Realizing the importance of adapting to differing needs, Volusion has designed software that is feature rich and flexible, enabling store owners to meet the requirements of their own unique business model.

Today, with over 70 employees, Volusion is still lead by Kevin Sproles and Clay Olivier, Volusionís COO. One had a vision to create software; the other had the drive and the know-how to make people aware of the value of this creation. Volusionís founders took their passion and made it into their business, and are dedicated to helping their clients do the same!

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