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Wake Up Later is a website that touches on the subjects of website building, freelancing, blogging, and online entrepreneurship. We cover a variety of topics from freelance tips and programming to SEO and internet marketing. It is also the home of free stuff for freelancers, a growing repository of Flash, audio, and other stuff free for personal and commercial use. Furthermore, the website encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences through Interviews and GroupThinks.

The person behind this website is Samuel Ryan whom I will now refer to in the first person. I am a web designer and developer who currently resides with my wife in the heart of the United States (although I've been eyeing California, Ireland, and New Zealand). Now in my late 20's, I've already experienced a dozen mid-life crises which have nearly resulted in me becoming either a teacher, med student, breakdancer, clarinetist, monk, or nomad. But in the end, I found myself continually drawn to the web, and have now spent half my life creating all kinds of nice websites with a special place in my heart for Flash. I am currently spending much of my time developing solosnap, a web app to make business easier for freelancers. When not building websites or writing articles about websites, I can be found sleeping, pacing nervously, or reconsidering a career in breakdancing.

If you care to chat about websites, discuss online businesses, or swap recipes for chicken adobo, drop me a note using the contact form.

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