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Cosmetology is a constantly growing field and offers opportunities to be self-employed or work in salons. Students learn to cut and style hair, give permanent waves and tints, give manicures, shape eyebrows, and provide individual make-up analysis. They also become proficient in the field of wig styling and use of hair pieces.

Students are required to purchase their own cosmetology kit, books, and lab coat-style uniform.

Students completing all courses listed in the curriculum will be awarded a program certificate and will be eligible to apply for the State Board Examination if they have a minimum of a 10th grade high school equivalency. After passing the examination, students are awarded a license to practice as a cosmetologist in Alabama. Admission is conditional and depends on the student's ability to perform the essential functions identified for this program. A high school diploma or GED is not required; however, students are required to have specifically documented ability to benefit. (See page 19, Admission to Courses not Creditable Toward an Associate Degree.) Reasonable accommodations are considered. Evening students who enter in summer term will need five terms to complete the program.

The Cosmetology program involves students working with the general public in a laboratory setting. Therefore, a tuberculosis skin test will be required of all students upon admission to the program. Information concerning this test will be provided on the first day of class.

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Contact Information
Ms. Evonne Bennett
Cosmetology Instructor
334-983-3521x2497 - Dothan

Ms. Elizabeth Chance
Cosmetology Instructor
334-983-3521x2230 - Dothan

Ms. Robyn Elliott
Cosmetology Instructor
334-687-3543x4237 - Eufaula

Ms. Lori Logan
Cosmetology Instructor

334-983-3521x3602 - Ft. Rucker

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