What Exactly is a Concierge
What Exactly is a Concierge
By Katharine Giovanni

"Although more and more people are becoming familiar with the term "concierge," very few know where this customer-service based profession originated."

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Katharine Giovanni has been a meeting/event planner and concierge for over 20 years and has set up five successful businesses: Meeting Planning Plus, Triangle Concierge, NewRoad Publishing, XPACS and Triangle International. She is Triangle Concierge's senior trainer and speaker and is the author of their best-selling book "The Concierge Manual" as well as the author of the "In-House Concierge Manual". She is also the Chairman of the Board of the International Concierge and Errand Association. A dynamic public speaker, Katharine has been a speaker at seminars and conferences around the country, and has appeared on both radio and television. She is the author of the acclaimed inspirational book "God, is that you?" Katharine can be reached through her websites at http://www.triangleconcierge.com; http://www.katharinegiovanni.com or http://www.triangleinternational.com

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