Work at Home Scam Example

Work at Home Scam Example
By Alison Doyle,

Example of a Work at Home Scam Email Message
Here is an example of a typical work at home job scam that I received via email. The unsolicited job posting email message came with a CareerBuilder logo and said I received it because my resume was on CareerBuilder (it's not). The reply address is a gmail email address and the message wasn't addressed to me. When I hit reply, I discovered it had been sent to an email address I have never used for job searching. The message says to reply to the email to get more information and an application.

All of the above are red flags. It was an unsolicited email message - I hadn't applied for the job or posted my resume. The message wasn't addressed to me and the return address was a personal email address, not a company one. When I Googled the company name the top results were all on scam warning sites. In addition, processing payments is a typical scam designed to collect your bank account information.

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