Write A Newsletter? Who Me?

Write A Newsletter? Who Me?
By Terry Whalin

To write a newsletter may sound intriguing but be completely intimidating to you. If you fall into this category (and there are many people in this category) then keep reading. On the Internet, there are over 400,000 electronic newsletters. Many of them are poorly executed and without any valuable content and they are not successful.

For many years, W. Terry Whalin has been a magazine editor, a consistent author for many magazines and published numerous books. This page will provide a series of articles and highlight resources you can use to create your own newsletter and meet your goals.

Speak of which, what are your goals for a newsletter? One of the common failings for newsletters is a lack of focus. You will notice the contents of Right Writing News is about different types of writing including some writing tips and resources. I have a defined focus to my newsletter. Maybe you want to write for a group of medical doctors in a speciality or an extended list of family or members of a civic group. You want your newsletter content to include the information that this particular targeted audience needs and expects. Focus is one of the key aspects of any newsletter so pick a target and be consistent. And use the button to mark this page on your favorites list to return to it and check for new material

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