Writing Headlines

Writing Headlines
By Apryl Duncan, About.com

Creating Advertising Headlines That Get Noticed
Before you being writing headlines for advertisements, take a quick test. Flip through a magazine, newspaper or even visit a website and read a few stories.

How did you make your decision on which stories to select? It wasn't the fancy opening sentence or the little picture that went along with the article.

The headline and maybe even the subhead made you want to read or even ignore the story. The same rule applies for print advertising.

Consumers scan headlines before committing to reading the entire ad. If you haven't written a powerful headline, your print ad copy might as well say, "blah, blah, blah," because it's not going to be read. Writing your headline is one of the most important factors in writing your print ad.

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Apryl Duncan is an advertising and PR pro with more than a decade of experience working in the advertising, television, marketing and public relations industries. She's currently a freelance copywriter and online career course instructor helping budding ad gurus enhance their careers.
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