eLab Panel at Vanderbilt

eLab Panel at Vanderbilt

We’re looking for people like you to participate a few times a year in our innovative online experiments and surveys about how people behave in online environments. All of our projects are academic research conducted by eLab faculty and post-doctoral fellows at Vanderbilt University.

Your participation is vital. As an eLab panel member, you will not only contribute to the creation of new knowledge, but can also influence how companies actually do business with you. Membership is available to both domestic and international participants.

To show you just how much we value your participation, we offer regular chances to win modest cash incentives.

Selection for experiments is based upon current research needs and specified study demographics, however we run a large number of studies with a wide range of demographic requirements. You may not see an invitation immediately, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten you! Just by virtue of being an eLab panelist, you continue to be eligible for our monthly prize drawings, regardless of whether or not you have been invited to any experiments.

If this sounds good to you and you are at least 18 years of age, sign up for the eLab Panel today!

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