Spiders?... Metrix?... So, what do you people do?
In a nutshell, we run Surveys.

Our Clients need to know what you think about their product or service or website - do people like it? do they find it useful? is it priced right? does it perform as you would have expected?

We get the answers to all these kinds of questions.
We recruit testers (we call them 'Spiders'), prepare a set of evaluation questions (a 'Rating'), organise for the testing to be done, thank our Spiders for their efforts (by giving them 'Rewards'), and can provide our Clients with a clear and precise ViewPoint. In industry jargon, this is called Qualitative Research.

In the last 12 months… our members participated in 97 studies, including video players, video games, tv programs and new release movies, gloves, glasses and contact lenses, chocolate, coffee and liquid soaps, searching, buying and selling, computers, scanners, printers and the software we use, what we drink, what we drive, and what we do in our private time… 102,839 paid participations!

Oh, and did we mention we pay handsomely?! That's right, you'll earn $$$, not cents. We will pay you somewhere between $2 and $5 for most ratings, some even go up to $10 or more (depending how time consuming they are).

Why don't you join us? ...find out about becoming a Spider.


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