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Defining the Telesales Profit Gap
The Telesales Profit Gap is the difference between EARNED revenues and OPTIMAL revenues. Optimal revenues begin with how the initial phone call is answered and perpetuate for the balance of that customer relationship. That initial phone call can be the difference between a 30 second conversation and a 30 year customer relationship.

What causes the Telesales Profit Gap?
The Telesales Profit Gap is caused by a variety of factors, both internal and external. Some of the causes include: stale and generic training programs; inadequate and inconsistent coaching; poor hiring practices; and a "one-and-done" mentality towards training. Additionally, many businesses mistakenly assume that telesales competencies are only relevant to inbound and outbound call centers. Finally, all too often businesses fail to recognize just how crucial that initial tele-conversation can be.

teleXpertise will help you cultivate a Telesales Profit Center
We offer an al-a-carte suite of telesales services that will narrow and ultimately reverse your Telesales Profit Gap. Our services help you at all stages of the employee life-cycle: pre-employment, during new hire training, at the conclusion of formal in-house training, and in more mature telesales environments. By partnering with teleXpertise you'll be able to turn your Telesales Profit Gap into a Telesales Profit Center.

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