Welcome to the new uBid.com – America’s Marketplace!

Based in beautiful Itasca, IL, uBid.com is comprised of a group of folks dedicated to providing the best shopping and selling experience on the web. uBid.com has over 50,000 products available at any given time to purchase either through our unique auction format, or through our revitalized uBuy it Now catalog. Our goal is to enable you to buy – or sell – the way you want. One thing is certain: you’ll find some of the best values on the web here at ubid.com.

Since 1997, the year uBid.com was officially born, the company has facilitated the sale of over $2 billion of excess, closeout, refurbished (and brand new!) inventory from the world’s top brands. And has gathered up over 5 million like-minded folks to become members of uBid.com (it’s free!!).

The company’s primary focus is to provide a web-based marketplace where sellers can move large volumes of new, excess, closeout and refurbished products, and provide a marketplace where buyers can easily find the best values backed up by superb customer service.

uBid has two web sites (that we know of): uBid.com and RedTag.com

uBid.com is an auction and fixed price marketplace, and is the only major site to offer multi-unit auctions. Also, not to brag (but we just can’t help it!): uBid.com is one of the most successful general merchandise auction sites on the web that is open to everyone! (yep, everyone) No fees, no special membership charges, or handshakes, or hats. Anyone can just click and buy (after entering their credit card of course).
RedTag.com is a fixed-price marketplace featuring “The Deal of the Day” where a single high-value, low-priced item is available every day. We painstakingly select these items based on two criteria: First, it has to be a GREAT product, and second, our dedicated internet deal hunters can’t find a lower price anywhere. Sign up to get email alerts on RedTag.com or uBid.com – you’ll be ecstatic to be the first on your block (or maybe in your house) to see what the next deal is from RedTag!
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