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How to Make a Shaker Box for Scrapbooking Pages Video

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How to Make a Shaker Box for Scrapbooking Pages By nightcats Great video; easy to follow. Video duration: 6:26. READ MORE

Fabulously Artsy

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Fabulously Artsy Everything you want to know about scrapbooking - lots of videos. READ MORE


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Scrapjazz.com Welcome to The Scrapbooking Megasite: Scrapbooking Ideas, Layouts, Shopping and More! Please visit the website to learn more. READ MORE

Hide-and-Seek Journaling

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Hide-and-Seek Journaling by Sara Horton (Sep 22, 2004) "One way to draw readers into your scrapbook pages is to create hidden journaling. I often hide journaling using tags, flaps, envelopes or m READ MORE

Fabulously Artsy -- Interactive Scrapbook Pages Video

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Fabulously Artsy -- Interactive Scrapbook Pages By thestampgoddess YouTube.com Excellent video; duration is 5:03 minutes. READ MORE

Interactive Scrapbook Pages

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Interactive Scrapbook Pages By Rebecca Ludens, About.com Guide "Interactive scrapbook pages are layouts that have a portion that the reader can manipulate. Some pages have flaps that lift to revea READ MORE

Scrapbooking Techniques - How to Make a Scrapbook

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Scrapbooking Techniques - How to Make a Scrapbook Scrapbooks Etc. Techniques "Learn the scrapbooking fundamentals from photography to paper techniques. These technique ideas will help in creating READ MORE


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Scrapbooking.com is a monthly scrapbooking magazine that offers articles on techniques, creating albums, cardmaking, embellishments, and much more. It also offers newsletters, product demos, and a l READ MORE

Scrapbooking Home Business

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Scrapbooking Home Business By Randy Duermyer, About.com Guide Overview of this Business: "As a scrapbooker, you could offer consulting to assist others in setting up attractive and long-lasting s READ MORE

Learn How To Scrapbook

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Learn How To Scrapbook Scrapbooking Directions.com About Us "Welcome to ScrapbookingDirections.com. This site is devoted to teaching Scrapbooking and Scrapbooking Business Secrets to Beginners a READ MORE

Digital Scrapbooking Business Idea

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Digital Scrapbooking Business Idea FoundValue.com Start Up Cost: $500 - $1,000 Can Be Home Based?: Yes Can Be Operated Part Time?: Yes "Your tech talents and artistic skills can open up a gre READ MORE

Starting a Scrapbooking Business? 4 Things You Need to Know

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Starting a Scrapbooking Business? 4 Things You Need to Know By Linda Kerr EzineArticles.com "Chances are that you fancy starting your own scrapbook business because it is already your hobby and READ MORE

Making Mini-Scrapbooks, Instructions and Inspiration

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Making Mini-Scrapbooks, Instructions and Inspiration "Mini scrapbooks encompass a couple of different areas of the scrapbooking world. There are pre-made mini albums that many different manufacture READ MORE

Scrapbooking ideas, tips to help you make a wonderful scrapbook

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Scrapbooking ideas, tips to help you make a wonderful scrapbook Allscrapbookingideas.com "Do you want to start the craft of scrapbooking? Then with allscrapbookingideas.com you will get great idea READ MORE

Digital Scrapbooking

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Digital Scrapbooking About Us I am a graphic designer and created this blog to be able to share information about digital scrapbooking and to recommend good scrapbooking products - I especially l READ MORE

Scrapbooking Ideas at Scrapbooking-Directory.com

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Scrapbooking Ideas Scrapbooking-Directory.com A directory of ideas and articles on scrapbooking. READ MORE

How to Start A Scrapbooking Business

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How to Start A Scrapbooking Business By: Mindy Benkert WAHM Article How Do I Start a Scrapbooking Business? "The first step to starting your business is to making a portfolio. Gather all of your READ MORE

Start a Scrapbooking Business from Home

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Start a Scrapbooking Business from Home At-HomeWorks.com "Memory preservation has always been a huge business, and as the technology improves for preserving photos and keepsakes, so do the methods READ MORE

Starting a Scrapbooking Business

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Starting a Scrapbooking Business By Deborah Crawford BellaOnline's Small Office/Home Office Editor Interview with Michelle McVaney, Scrapbooking Editor at Bellaonline.com. Michelle is also owne READ MORE
A scrapbooking business helps others preserve family photos for future generations to enjoy. Get tips and ideas on starting a home based scrapbooking business.
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