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Become a Wedding Disc Jockey

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Become a Wedding Disc Jockey HomeIncomeOpportunities.com "Every youngster wants to become a wedding disc jockey these days. And why not? The wedding disc jockeys are the cynosure of all eyes at an READ MORE

Mixing music at a wedding reception

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Mixing music at a wedding reception By Scott Wolf Theweddingbdj.blogspot.com 'You've got the gig and wonder now, "Do I need to start to learn how to beat mix music?". The answer to that is no.' READ MORE

So You Want To Be A Wedding DJ?

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So You Want To Be A Wedding DJ? Written by Mike Alexander April 8, 2008 DJ University "Well, before you just jump right into it, there are a lot of considerations to think about before investing READ MORE

How to Become a Wedding DJ, Video

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How to Become a Wedding DJ, Video By Brian Medeiros, eHow Presenter eHow.com Summary: When a person is DJing a wedding, they need to have a diverse set of songs to appeal to a wide audience, and READ MORE
A wedding DJ selects and plays recorded music for wedding parties and receptions. A good DJ interacts with the audience introducing people and getting them excited. Find articles on DJ equipment, wedding DJs, and how to become a DJ.
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